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Compartmental models of growing neurites

Graham B & van Ooyen A (2001) Compartmental models of growing neurites. Neurocomputing, 38-40, pp. 31-36.

To investigate the morphological and electrical development of neurons using computer models it is useful to extend the compartmental modelling framework to include the situation where neurites (dendrites and axons) may change their length, diameter and membrane characteristics over time. This requires changing the size and other properties of existing compartments and adding new compartments during a particular computer simulation. We have been concerned with modelling the outgrowth of neurites when elongation and branching are controlled by the concentration of a substance in the growth cones. The substance is produced in the soma and diffuses or is actively transported along the growing neurites. We describe the technical issues involved in the compartmental modelling of this situation.

neuronal morphology; dendrites; compartmental models

Neurocomputing: Volume 38-40

Author(s)Graham, Bruce; van Ooyen, Arjen
Publication date30/06/2001
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