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Frissure: Prose Poems and Artworks

Jamie K & Collins B (2013) Frissure: Prose Poems and Artworks. Edinburgh: Birlinn.

Frissure is an exquisite collection of prose-poems and illustrative work exploring healing, mortality, intimacy, memory and the natural world. It is about the intimate process of looking and seeing as it passes from one person - a cancer patient - looking at herself, from being ‘examined' by a surgeon, to being looked at by an artist. In each situation a transformation occurs. The gaze of the patient on her own body and its post-operative scarring is objectified by that of the surgeon assessing the success of his work. But then the creative eye of the artist takes over and what was regarded as a mark of disease and of violation takes on an extraordinary flowering, and becomes a thing of beauty.

Author(s)Jamie, Kathleen; Collins, Brigid
Publication date31/08/2013
Publisher URL
Place of publicationEdinburgh
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