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Human Rights as Rights



Cruft R (2011) Human Rights as Rights. In: Ernst G & Heilinger J (eds.) The Philosophy of Human Rights: Contemporary Controversies. Berlin: de Gruyter, pp. 129-158.

This essay makes three suggestions: first, that it is attractive to conceive individualistic justification as one of the hallmarks - maybe even the one hallmark - of human rights; secondly, that combining this conception of human rights with standard worries about socioeconomic rights can tempt one to take the phrase "human rights" to refer to any individualistically justified weighty normative consideration (including considerations that are not rights); and thirdly, that reflections on the individuation of rights and rights' dynamic quality give us some reason to resist this temptation - though this reason is interestingly inconclusive.

Publication date30/11/2011
Publisherde Gruyter
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Place of publicationBerlin

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Professor Rowan Cruft

Professor Rowan Cruft

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