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Conservative reaction, c.1792-1820: the case for rejection



Macleod E (2013) Conservative reaction, c.1792-1820: the case for rejection. In: Macleod E (ed.) British Visions of America, 1775-1820: Republican Realities. The Enlightenment World, 27. London: Pickering and Chatto, pp. 73-99.;

Conservative writers in Britain articulated a largely hostile attitude towards the United States of America between 1792 and 1820. Having earlier been convinced that an American republic was not viable, they now admitted that there were some reasons to admire its achievements. However, their dominant responses were resentment and contempt. They also felt some apprehension that the United States might prove a stronger and more difficult element in international affairs than they had hitherto expected

Britain; United States of America; republic; conservative; Canning; Anti-Jacobin; Quarterly Review; War of 1812

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Title of seriesThe Enlightenment World
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Publication date31/05/2013
PublisherPickering and Chatto
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