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The Trip



Singh G (2010) The Trip. In: Berra J (ed.) Directory of World Cinema: American Independent. Directory of World Cinema, 2. Bristol: Intellect, pp. 101-102.,id=4712/

Television commercial director Paul Groves has a personal-identity crisis after his adulterous wife Sally files for divorce. Enlisting help from his friend John, he scores some LSD from his dealer friend Max to ‘find himself' on his first acid trip. He meets several hippy characters, including Glenn, a woman interested in watching people take LSD. Paul and John go to John's beach house where Paul takes the drug and enters an altered world of LSD-induced hallucination and revelation. Paul has several visions, including the feeling of the ‘life' of an orange pass through his body, a medieval torture chamber, and a hallucination of John's death. Following this, Paul panics and leaves John's house, heading for the streets of LA. Thinking that the police are after him for John's murder, several encounters ensue: he enters a house to watch some television; he goes into a freaky nightclub; and he has an odd conversation with a lone woman in a laundrette. After finding his way back to Max's house, he is found by Glenn, who drives him to her house on the beach. When Glenn asks Paul if he found what he was looking for, he just replies that he'll think about that ‘tomorrow'.

Title of seriesDirectory of World Cinema
Number in series2
Publication date31/05/2010
Publisher URL,id=4712/
Place of publicationBristol
ISSN of series2040-7971

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