Hormonal contraceptive congruency: Implications for relationship jealousy



Cobey KD, Roberts SC & Buunk AP (2013) Hormonal contraceptive congruency: Implications for relationship jealousy. Personality and Individual Differences, 55 (5), pp. 569-573.

Research shows that women who use hormonal contraceptives (HCs) differ in their mate preferences from women who have regular cycles. It has been proposed that when a partnered woman either begins to use or ceases to use HCs, she may experience changes in her relationship since her preferences become incongruent with those prevalent at the time of her partner choice. This has not yet been directly tested. Here, in doing this, we aim to specifically test whether current and past HC use contributes to present levels of relationship jealousy. We find a significant interaction in levels of jealousy based on current HC use and HC use at the start of the relationship. When current HC use is incongruent with that at the start of the relationship, women report significantly higher levels of jealousy. Results are among the first to suggest that both current and past HC use may influence relationship dynamics.

Romantic relationships; Birth control pill; Mate choice; pill; Congruency; Relationship initiation; oral contraception; oral contraceptive; mate choice; evolutionary psychology

Personality and Individual Differences: Volume 55, Issue 5

FundersThe British Academy
Publication date30/09/2013
Date accepted by journal25/04/2013

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