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The entrepreneur in economic theory



McQuaid R (2011) The entrepreneur in economic theory. In: Desai S S, Nijkamp P & Stough R (eds.) New Directions in Regional Economic Development: The Role of Entrepreneurship Theory and Methods, Practice and Policy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 13-26.

This chapter considers different perspectives of entrepreneurship and argues that there is a need to bring these into the main theoretical developments linking space and the dynamism, development and adaptability of an economy and society over time (including its response to concerns about the natural environment). However, it argues that we should be explicit as to what we mean when using the term entrepreneurship. These different perspectives are not mutually exclusive. This chapter does not argue that one perspective or definition of entrepreneurship is correct or necessarily better than the others. Rather it seeks to clarify some of its different meanings, so we can be clear about the differing underlying assumptions and concepts being used, and so draw out some implications for theory and regional development. The five perspectives of entrepreneurship, mentioned above, are considered in each of the next sections. This is followed by an initial synthesis and conclusions.

Entrepreneurship; definition

Publication date31/12/2011
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