Research Report

Engaging Low Skilled Employees in Workplace Learning



McQuaid R, Raeside R, Canduela J, Egdell V, Lindsay C & Berry C (2012) Engaging Low Skilled Employees in Workplace Learning. UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Evidence Report, 43.

This report sets out the findings of a study into the motivators and barriers to participation in workplace learning by low skilled employees. Low skilled in the UK is usually considered to be below NVQ level 2 qualifications. The study was carried out by the Employment Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University on behalf of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. The report presents the results of a survey of both employee and employer views on participation in workplace learning in the care sector in north east England and the hotel sector in Yorkshire and the Humber region. The hotels and catering sector has the highest relative and absolute skill gaps in low skilled occupations, with some 63 per cent of staff suffering skills gaps. In contrast, the care sector has an apparent strong training culture, with care staff expected to progress to NVQ level 3 and only five per cent of low skilled staff suffered a skills gap.

Title of seriesEvidence Report
Number in series43
Publication date29/02/2012
Publisher URL…rkplace-learning