Research Report

PACE: Delivery and Early Intervention Options


McQuaid R & Hollywood E (2011) PACE: Delivery and Early Intervention Options. Scottish Government. Employment Research Institute, Edinburgh-Napier University.

The Employment Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University was commissioned by the Scottish Government to help develop a future delivery model for the Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE). Building upon an earlier report by the ERI in June 2010, this study consulted a range of bodies and considered three issues concerning: 1. Options for changing PACE boundaries from the status quo if appropriate. 2. The role of PACE in early intervention services. 3. The role of PACE in skills utilisation. The focus is on the broad service delivery model at the local level, so relatively little is said about the core, national PACE operation. There is a high degree of support for the work of PACE. In general the boundaries were felt to be suitable, but over time could be revisited. One reason that the current boundaries work is that the partner organisations (especially national ones such as Skills Development Scotland and Jobcentre Plus) work flexibly and can transfer resources to where they are needed (e.g. by supporting PACE Chairs when there is an increase in PACE work). While early intervention and skills utilisation were considered very important to the economy and to employers, it was generally felt that these should be supported by specialist organisations (some of whom may be PACE Partners) rather than by local PACE Partnerships themselves. Local PACE Partnerships may, however, work with relevant bodies to seek to ensure that such services are fully available and have a good take-up locally.

Publication date online09/2011
PublisherEmployment Research Institute, Edinburgh-Napier University
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