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Youth unemployment initiatives and the impact on disadvantaged youth



Hollywood E, Egdell V & McQuaid R (2012) Youth unemployment initiatives and the impact on disadvantaged youth. The Skills Development Scotland Co Ltd. Spotlight article: Labour Market Focus.

Unemployment can have a long lasting impact on a young person's future career prospects and earnings potential. Those who have been unemployed in their youth experience long-term negative impacts on their career development, earnings, wellbeing and health (Hammarström & Janlert 2002; Bell & Blanchflower 2011; Dieckhoff, 2011). These effects can be felt for many years with individuals experiencing the 'scar of youth unemployment' when they are in their 40s (Gregg & Tominey 2005). Furthermore, young people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, can become trapped in 'poor jobs' or 'poor work' throughout adulthood (Green & Owen 2006; MacDonald 2011). This article outlines findings from two Scottish case studies of third sector run employability programmes aimed at getting disadvantaged young people, aged 16-25, back into work. Four key approaches were identified as contributing to the success of the programmes: addressing the wider barriers facing young people; providing appropriate support and engaging with young people; developing aspirations; and educating young people about work.

Title of seriesSpotlight article: Labour Market Focus
Publication date31/05/2012
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