Advances in Telecare over The Past Ten Years



Turner KJ & McGee-Lennon M (2013) Advances in Telecare over The Past Ten Years. Smart Homecare Technology and Telehealth, 1 (1), pp. 21-34.;

This article reviews advances during the past decade or so in telecare (ie, computer-supported social care at home). The need for telecare is discussed along with how it relates to social and health care. The expected benefits of telecare are also discussed. The evolution of telecare technology is reviewed, covering various system generations. The capabilities of present day telecare are covered, along with its advantages, limitations, and barriers to uptake. Recent evaluations and exemplars of telecare are discussed. The user requirements for telecare are presented, complemented by a discussion of the issues in user and professional acceptance. The article concludes with a summary of past developments in telecare and the prospects for the future.

assisted living; health care; home care; independent living; social care; telehealth

Smart Homecare Technology and Telehealth: Volume 1, Issue 1

Publication date30/11/2013
Date accepted by journal31/08/2013
PublisherDove Medical Press
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Professor KEN Turner

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