Who is the Model Reader of Delibes’s Cinco horas con Mario?


Davies A (1999) Who is the Model Reader of Delibes’s Cinco horas con Mario?. Modern Language Review, 94 (4), pp. 1000-1008.;

First paragraph: Miguel Delibes's Cinco horas con Mario consists principally of the thoughts of a newly bereaved widow as she watches over her husband's body during the course of a night. Carmen, the widow and the protagonist of the novel, allows her mind to range over the course of her marriage to Mario, the husband, and takes advantage of the last chance she has to harangue him about their married life. Using Mario's Bible that lies at his bedside to prompt her thoughts, she expresses her anger both at his views on life and his treatment of her, and during the course of her monologue we learn a good deal about both her own reactionary attitudes and the beliefs of her more liberal deceased spouse.

Modern Language Review: Volume 94, Issue 4

Publication date31/10/1999
PublisherModern Humanities Research Association
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