Testing face processing skills in children



Bruce V, Campbell R, Doherty-Sneddon G, Langton S, McAuley S & Wright R (2000) Testing face processing skills in children. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 18 (3), pp. 319-333.

We describe a set of face processing tests suitable for use with children aged from 4 to 10 years, which include tests of expression, lipreading and gaze processing as well as identification. The tests can be administered on paper or using a computer, and comparisons between the performance on computer- and paper-based versions suggest that format of administration makes little difference. We present results obtained from small samples of children at four different age groups (Study 1, computer-based tests), and larger samples at three age groups (Study 2, paper-based tests) from preschool to 10 years of age. The tests were found to be developmentally sensitive. There were quite strong correlations between performance on different tests of the same face processing ability (e.g. gaze processing), and generally rather weaker correlations between tests of different abilities.

British Journal of Developmental Psychology: Volume 18, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/2000
PublisherWiley-Blackwell for The British Psychological Society

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Dr Robin Campbell

Dr Robin Campbell

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Dr Stephen Langton

Dr Stephen Langton

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