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Retail-Brand Baby-Products: What Do Consumers Think?

Broadbridge A & Morgan H (2001) Retail-Brand Baby-Products: What Do Consumers Think?. Journal of Brand Management, 8 (3), pp. 196-210.

This research investigated consumer perceptions and buying behaviour of retail versus manufacturer brand baby care toiletry products. Using a pluralistic methodology the findings revealed that most respondents had tried some retail-brand baby-care products, although certain baby products and labels carried higher perceived risk than others. In general, however, manufacturer-branded baby-care products were regarded by respondents to be of higher quality and lower perceived risk than retail-brand baby-care products. It was concluded that the introduction of a retailer-brand baby-care product range as a differentiating competitive strategy for a retail chain in Northern Ireland should not be pursued owing to insufficient consumer acceptance and trust of this high risk product category.

brand; valuation; equity; electronic; management; e-branding; e-tailing; management; international; Internet; marketing; measurement; personality; consumers; advertising; fast moving; consumer goods; FMCG; brand-building; strategy

Journal of Brand Management: Volume 8, Issue 3

Author(s)Broadbridge, Adelina; Morgan, Henry
Publication date28/02/2001
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
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