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A mathematical model on CTL mediated control of hiv infection in a long-term drug therapy

Roy PK, Chowdhury S, Chatterjee AN, Chattopadhyay J & Norman R (2013) A mathematical model on CTL mediated control of hiv infection in a long-term drug therapy. Journal of Biological Systems, 21 (3), Art. No.: 1350019.

Bonhoeffer et al.1 studied the long-term dynamics of HIV drug therapy and virus load dynamics. It is well known that highly active anti retroviral therapy (HAART) can effectively control the HIV replication. It is also well known that reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs) could block new infection and as a result control HIV infection. The positive feedback control on such dynamics plays an important role and CD4+T cells are not only produced from a source but also produced from existing T cells. The present investigation takes into account these factors in the original model of Bonhoeffer et al. The optimal control therapy and the effect of time delay in the positive feedback control function have been investigated. Numerical simulation of the nonlinear model has confirmed our analytical studies.Read More:

Feedback Control; Asymptotic Stability; CD4+T Cells; CTL; HAART; HIV; T Cell Proliferation; Optimal Control; Delay

Journal of Biological Systems: Volume 21, Issue 3

Author(s)Roy, Priti Kumar; Chowdhury, Sonia; Chatterjee, Amar Nath; Chattopadhyay, Joydev; Norman, Rachel
Publication date30/09/2013
Date accepted by journal18/04/2013
PublisherWorld Scientific
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