Roots/Routes: Part II


Swanson DM (2009) Roots/Routes: Part II. Qualitative Inquiry, 15 (1), pp. 58-78.

his narrative acts as an articulation of a journey of many routes. Following Part I of the same research journey of rootedness/routedness, it debates the nature of transformation and transcendence beyond personal and political paradoxes informed by neoliberalism and related repressive globalizing discourses. Through a more personal, descriptive, and philosophical approach, the author seeks to move, in a reflexive manner, beyond the delimiting roots of deficit discourse and its unrootedness with the daily, local, and lived. Through the use of a nontraditional writing-research approach, the author explores other, less objectifying, ways of being in research and attempts to provide alternative pedagogies of possibility away from dichotomous and positivist research engagement. By confronting socially constructed knowledges and identities, and "(re)sourcing" these through "humble togetherness" (Ubuntu), the storying seeks to find a transcendent spirituality through the routes/roots of research and achieve the emergence of transformative possibilities through pedagogies of hope!

transformation; transcendence; (re)sourcing; disadvantage; poverty; dilemma; performance; reflexivity

Qualitative Inquiry: Volume 15, Issue 1

Publication date31/01/2009