Beyond the Bondage of Boundaries


Swanson DM (2001) Beyond the Bondage of Boundaries. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 6 (4), pp. 313-321.

This narrative seeks to describe a route towards the roots of personal and cultural identity through shared journeys of loss and grief. It attempts to find lived spaces for spiritual growth and reconciliation through the complexity of shared experiences and through the search for ways of transcending the boundaries of cultural identity and culturally prescribed ways of grieving. The complex interplay of these juxtaposing themes and interconnecting tensions and paradoxes provides opportunities for new ways of being and the possibility of transcendence of barriers such as gender, ethnicity, culture, language difference, and social class. This is achieved in consideration of context and environment and through the metaphor of ''pushing out the boundaries of lived experience beyond common understanding.''

Journal of Loss and Trauma: Volume 6, Issue 4

Publication date31/12/2001
PublisherTaylor and Francis