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On (1, 4)-Groups II

Buekenhout F & Rowlinson P (1974) On (1, 4)-Groups II. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, s2-8 (3), pp. 507-513.

First paragraph: We recall some definitions and notation from [15]. A (c,ƒ)-group is a finite c-transitive permutation group (G, Ω) of even order such that ƒ is the maximal number of points of Ω fixed by an involution of G. A d-involution of G is an involution fixing precisely d points of Ω. For ge G, Δ(g) is the set of fixed points of g, and (when Δ(g) is non-empty) K(g), D(g) are respectively the setwise, pointwise stabilizers of Δ(g). By a 4-block we shall mean any set Δ(g) where g is a 4-involution.

Journal of the London Mathematical Society: Volume s2-8, Issue 3

Author(s)Buekenhout, Francis; Rowlinson, Peter
Publication date31/08/1974
PublisherOxford University Press for the London Mathematical Society
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