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Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinemas: From Nation-building to Ecocosmopolitanism



Kaapa P (2014) Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinemas: From Nation-building to Ecocosmopolitanism. Topics and Issues in National Cinema, 2. New York and London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinemas challenges the traditional socio-political rhetoric of national cinema by providing an ecocritical examination of Nordic cinema. The author uses a range of analytical approaches to interrogate how the national paradigm can be rethought through ecosystemic concerns, by exploring a range of Nordic films as national and transnational, regional and local texts, all with significant global implications. By synergizing transnational theories with ecological approaches, the study considers the planetary implications of nation-based cultural production.

Title of seriesTopics and Issues in National Cinema
Number in series2
Publication date30/04/2014
PublisherBloomsbury Academic
Publisher URL…s-9781441192790/
Place of publicationNew York and London