Research Report

Review of Urban Gulls and their Management in Scotland


Calladine JR, Park K, Thompson KJ & Wernham C (2006) Review of Urban Gulls and their Management in Scotland. Scottish Executive. Natural Scotland.

This project aimed to: (i) produce the most up to date review possible of the size and distribution of urban gull colonies in Scotland, and whether they have changed in recent years; (ii) review current scientific knowledge of the ecology of urban gulls and the reasons they are attracted to Scottish towns and cities; (iii) review management practices used in Scotland and elsewhere and the scientific evidence for, and specific contexts associated with, their success or failure; (iv) establish the extent of perceived problems associated with urban gulls across Scotland, with specific regard to the perceptions and roles of Scottish Local Authorities; (v) review current legislation and powers related to urban gull issues and their perceived effectiveness; (vi) advise on standard best practice guidance for Local Authorities (the contexts in which certain types of mitigation measure are likely to be effective based on current scientific evidence); and (vii) make suggestions for further research needs on urban gull issues in Scotland. The project did not have a remit to assess the extent to which urban gulls are perceived as a problem by the overall Scottish urban population. Nor did it have a remit to advise whether actions to mitigate urban gull problems should be carried out, or to provide guidance on control for any specific locations.

Research contract ENV/BTO/001/04

Publication date31/05/2006
PublisherNatural Scotland
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