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Immune response of rainbow trout to extracellular products of Mycobacterium spp.

Chen S, Yoshida T, Adams A, Thompson K & Richards R (1996) Immune response of rainbow trout to extracellular products of Mycobacterium spp.. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, 8 (3), pp. 216-222.

A primary intraperitoneal (IP) vaccination of extracellular products (ECP) from Mycobacterium spp. (strains TB40, TB267, or Mycobacterium marinum) mixed with Freund's incomplete adjuvant and followed by a secondary IP injection at 8 weeks resulted in the elevation of both the nonspecific and the specific immune responses of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Increased nitroblue tetrazolium and phagocytosis activity were observed in these fish; peaks in activity occurred at weeks 2 and 6 after primary immunization with a third peak at week 10. Lysozyme activity, on the other hand, peaked at weeks 2 and 8 after primary immunization except in the TB40-immunized group. A third peak of lysozyme activity was observed at week 10 after primary immunization. The activity of the specific immune response was monitored by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot. The results indicate that antibodies to the ECP of Mycobacterium spp. were present in rainbow trout serum and that they reacted with major ECP antigens at 65 and 16 kDa (kilodaltons) as well as with some minor antigens at 48, 46, and 40 kDa.

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health: Volume 8, Issue 3

Author(s)Chen, Shih-Chu; Yoshida, Terutoyo; Adams, Alexandra; Thompson, Kimberly; Richards, Randolph
Publication date31/12/1996
PublisherTaylor and Francis
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