Predicting biomass of Atlantic salmon from morphometric lateral measurements


Beddow TA & Ross L (1996) Predicting biomass of Atlantic salmon from morphometric lateral measurements. Journal of Fish Biology, 49 (3), pp. 469-482.

Previously biomass predictions have been derived from simple weight-length relationships. This study measured a variety of truss and conventional dimensions covering the lateral body profile of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar and, using regression analysis, developed a series of multifactor weight-lateral dimension relationships. Single-factor regression equations proved inadequate for predicting weight with percentage errors between real and estimated values ranging from -1.2±6.8% to 72.5 ± 225.6%. Fifty-two multifactor regression equations were generated that predicted accurately the weight of individual fish to within ±2% using combinations of conventional and truss measurements. Regression coefficients were found to be significantly different (P<0.05) between Scottish and Norwegian strains, indicating morphological differences between the genetic groups. Norwegian fish were generally heavier for a given length compared to Scottish strains. This suggests that morphologically different strains of S. salar would require individual weight: lateral dimension relationships to be developed in order to predict biomass accurately to within commercially acceptable levels.

salmon; Salmo salar; biomass; morphometrics; truss

Journal of Fish Biology: Volume 49, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/1996