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An Introduction to the Theory of Graph Spectra



Cvetkovic D, Rowlinson P & Simic SK (2010) An Introduction to the Theory of Graph Spectra. London Mathematical Society Student Texts, 75. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This introductory text explores the theory of graph spectra: a topic with applications across a wide range of subjects, including computer science, quantum chemistry and electrical engineering. The spectra examined here are those of the adjacency matrix, the Seidel matrix, the Laplacian, the normalized Laplacian and the signless Laplacian of a finite simple graph. The underlying theme of the book is the relation between the eigenvalues and structure of a graph. Designed as an introductory text for graduate students, or anyone using the theory of graph spectra, this self-contained treatment assumes only a little knowledge of graph theory and linear algebra. The authors include many developments in the field which arise as a result of rapidly expanding interest in the area. Exercises, spectral data and proofs of required results are also provided. The end-of-chapter notes serve as a practical guide to the extensive bibliography of over 500 items.

Title of seriesLondon Mathematical Society Student Texts
Number in series75
Publication date31/12/2010
PublisherCambridge University Press
Place of publicationCambridge

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Professor Peter Rowlinson

Professor Peter Rowlinson

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