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The virtual classroom @ work



Thompson TL (2008) The virtual classroom @ work. In: Zemliansky P & St AK (eds.) Handbook of research on virtual workplaces and the new nature of business practices. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, pp. 272-288.

Before we can exploit new technologies to realize new ways of working we must be able to imagine innovative possibilities for learning. Organizations seeking to improve the way they work and build knowledge reach for new learning paradigms. By exploring learning and working in virtual spaces from social learning perspectives, such as situated learning, possibilities emerge. In this chapter, findings from a qualitative case study in a geographically dispersed organization are used a springboard for exploring the challenges of introducing innovative e-learning initiatives. This chapter adds to our understanding of learning and working in virtual spaces by delving into: (1) workplace practices related to virtual learning and work that facilitate and frustrate new ways of learning; and (2) notions of online community, informal learning, and blended learning which offer promise for re-conceptualizing learning within virtual work spaces. Recommendations are provided to guide the creation of fresh teaching and learning practices.

Publication date30/04/2008
PublisherInformation Science Reference
Publisher URL…rkplaces-new/516
Place of publicationHershey, PA

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Dr Terrie-Lynn Thompson

Dr Terrie-Lynn Thompson

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