Research Report

Common Cause, Collective Action: Part 1



Birchall J (2012) Common Cause, Collective Action: Part 1. Citizens Advice. Consumer Focus.

Consumer Focus commissioned Professor Birchall to write this report to provide an overview of key evidence from across relevant disciplines to help us understand and develop our appreciation of co-operative behaviours. This report provides us with a theoretical underpinning for a number of our consumer empowerment projects and will help inform and shape consumer empowerment policies at Consumer Focus. The report provides an analysis of whether co-operative behaviours are a growing force in the 21st century. It identifies contemporary manifestations of these behaviours and the factors that stimulate and underpin them. Whether social media forms of co-operative behaviour differ from more traditional forms is also explored.

Publication date31/07/2012
PublisherConsumer Focus
Publisher URL…ction-part-1.pdf