Research Report

Practical Tools for Defining Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise



Atherton J, Birchall J, Mayo E & Simon G (2012) Practical Tools for Defining Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise. Think Piece, 7. Co-operatives UK.

Co-operatives UK is seen by our members as an authority on and a guardian of co-operative identity, in line with international practice. Here and abroad, there is a welcome diversity of forms of enterprise and ownership in our field and what works in practice may not be what seems right on paper and vice-versa. With this paper, which follows a draft released in 2011 for consultation, we aim to be transparent on how we make judgements on aspects of co-operative identity.

Title of seriesThink Piece
Number in series7
Publication date31/12/2012
PublisherCo-operatives UK
Publisher URL…operative_id.pdf