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Postcolonial Eyes: Intercontinental Travel in Francophone African Literature



Ni Loingsigh A (2009) Postcolonial Eyes: Intercontinental Travel in Francophone African Literature. Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures, 11. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

Over the past two decades interest in travel has developed significantly. Critical engagement with imperialism, postcolonialism, diasporas, ethnography and cultural anthropology has led to increasingly sophisticated readings of the travel writing genre and a growing acknowledgement of its complex history. Postcolonial Eyes is the first study of its kind to identify a specifically Sub-Saharan African lineage within the broader tradition of travel writing. As well as exploring the reasons for Africans' exclusion from the genre, the book examines the important relationship between ethnicity and travel and identifies the concerns and preoccupations that define African writers' approaches to travel.

Title of seriesContemporary French and Francophone Cultures
Number in series11
Publication date30/06/2009
PublisherLiverpool University Press
Publisher URL…%209781846310492
Place of publicationLiverpool

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Dr Aedin Ni Loingsigh

Dr Aedin Ni Loingsigh

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