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Developing Teacher Assessment



Gardner J, Harlen W, Hayward L, Stobart G & Montgomery M (2010) Developing Teacher Assessment. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

This book explores the processes involved in developing assessment practice. It argues that the role of teacher assessment needs to be put firmly at the forefront of the educational agenda and that assessment by teachers needs to be developed in a widespread, high quality and sustainable fashion. The authors, all members of the influential Assessment Reform Group, argue that the target-driven approach of external testing leads to problems, including 'teaching to the test' to the detriment of the wider curriculum, and motivational problems. In this book, they tackle the differences between formative and summative assessment and ask the question: "What is quality teacher assessment?" There is coverage of key professional learning dimensions including: - The purposes of assessment - The need for evidence to support innovation - The process and steps to develop new practice - Perceptions of what counts as quality assessment in schools The authors draw on these various perspectives to explain how teachers and schools can build on existing practice, and develop new practices, and how the system should react to support them. This book is essential reading for teachers, head teachers, local authority professionals, policy makers and academics.

This work has been specifically mentioned as influencing the Scottish Government’s 2010 Assessment for Curriculum for Excellence policy, see

Publication date31/01/2010
PublisherOpen University Press
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Place of publicationMaidenhead

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