Rethinking our understanding of the resident group in group care



Emond R (2004) Rethinking our understanding of the resident group in group care. Child and Youth Care Forum, 33 (3), pp. 193-207.

The author of this article lived in two residential homes in order to understand, and create a model of, the residents' social group. By understanding the way in which the group grants power to its members and the beliefs and actions which it values, residential staff have the opportunity to identify and support ‘positive' individual and group behaviours. It is a model which starts from the group rather than imposing our ‘adult' notions of how young people should behave. The way in which the ‘everyday' activities of young people, for example their use of humour, serves to maintain group expectations, organisations and relationships, should not be overlooked but rather identified, understood and encouraged.

residential care; group care; children and youth; social group

Child and Youth Care Forum: Volume 33, Issue 3

Publication date30/06/2004
PublisherKluwer Academic Publishers/Plenum Publishers

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Professor Ruth Emond
Professor Ruth Emond

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