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ICT and Worldmindedness



Gardner J & Walsh P (2000) ICT and Worldmindedness. In: Bailey RP (ed.) Teaching Values and Citizenship across the Curriculum: Educating Children for the World. Kogan Page Teaching Series. London: Kogan Page Limited, pp. 80-91.

First paragraph: In this chapter we consider how information and communications technology (ICT) might contribute to values and citizenship education in schools. It is no easy task to tackle such major concepts in one chapter and the excellent treatments of them elsewhere in this book will prove valuable backdrops for the reader. In targeting this section at those who wish to integrate ICT into their values and citizenship teaching, we have tried to make it accessible both to experienced ICT teachers and non-ICT experts, primary and secondary. Most importantly, we are also aiming it at those who wish to avail of ICT to further their own knowledge and skills in values and citizenship education. The Internet sites, which are discussed later in the chapter, may act as useful sources of ideas for teaching and professional development in values and citizenship education - not only for ICT coordinators but also for teachers throughout the school.

Title of seriesKogan Page Teaching Series
Publication date31/12/2000
PublisherKogan Page Limited
Place of publicationLondon

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Professor John Gardner

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