A Scottish flood-plain mire: The Insh Marshes, Strathspey


Willby N, Murphy KJ & Pulford ID (1998) A Scottish flood-plain mire: The Insh Marshes, Strathspey. Scottish Geographical Journal, 114 (1), pp. 13-17.

First paragraph: Wetland vegetation is a product of the interactions between hydrology, soil chemistry and nutrient availability, overlain by the influences of management regime influencing the wetland ecosystem. These pressures on plant survival are reflected in functional attributes of the vegetation, such as height and biomass, which are both easy to measure (Hills et al., 1994; Hills and Murphy, 1996; Day et al., 1988) and which can lend insight into the relative importance of such pressures in moderating the performance of key wetland functions such as biodiversity support.

Biodiversity; Mire vegetation; Nutrient availability; Scotland; Wetland management

Scottish Geographical Journal: Volume 114, Issue 1

Publication date31/12/1998
PublisherTaylor and Francis