Book Chapter

The structural sequence


Lucas G, Roberts HM, Edvardsson R, Aldred O, McGovern TH, Vésteinsson O, Sigurgeirsson MA, Chepstow-Lusty A, Simpson I, Gudmundsson G, Lockheart MJ, Obuseng V, Bull ID & Evershed RP (2009) The structural sequence. In: Lucas G (ed.) Hofstaðir: Excavations of a Viking Age feasting hall in North-eastern Iceland. Institute of Archaeology Monograph Series, 1. Reykjavik: The Institute of Archaeology, pp. 55-167.

Title of seriesInstitute of Archaeology Monograph Series
Number in series1
Publication date31/12/2009
PublisherThe Institute of Archaeology
Place of publicationReykjavik