Spatial constraints on anthropogenic soil formation in Orkney


Simpson I (1994) Spatial constraints on anthropogenic soil formation in Orkney. Scottish Geographical Magazine, 110 (2), pp. 100-104.

Anthropogenic soils dating from the mid Norse period in Orkney are restricted in their spatial extent to West Mainland and Stronsay. At a regional scale, explanation of this distinctive distribution is found in the relationship between anthropogenic soils and the limited availability of seaweed resources to fertilise arable land. In the absence of such resources, plaggen manuring was the principal means of maintaining the soil fertility of arable areas. At a local scale anthropogenic soil distribution is related to township skat value. This can be used to indicate the relationship between anthropogenic soils, tunmal land and population levels.

Orkney; Anthropogenic soils; Spatial distribution

Scottish Geographical Magazine: Volume 110, Issue 2

Publication date30/09/1994
PublisherTaylor and Francis