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Some Lessons Learned? A Case Study of Research Dissemination to young people in care



Emond R & Gilligan R (2008) Some Lessons Learned? A Case Study of Research Dissemination to young people in care. In: Chaskin R & Rosenfeld J (eds.) Research For Action: Cross-National Perspectives on Connecting Knowledge, Policy, and Practice for Children. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 111-130.;jsessionid=00A6FF8029DED7CAD25CEF2AE1BDAC89?cc=gb〈=en&

This chapter focuses on a research project aimed at exploring the experiences of children and young people in residential care with regard to education. In particular, it highlights the ways in which the two social arenas of school and institutional care are interconnected, and how these arenas and connections were managed by young people themselves. The chapter provides a respective account of undertaking non-commissioned research and the impact this has on the resulting dissemination strategy. Rather than presenting the findings of the study, it focuses on the process of producing dissemination materials targeted at research end users, in this case children and young people living in residential care in Ireland. It discusses the experience of conducting policy-oriented research without the active contribution of key policy stakeholders.

children; young people; research project; residential care; education; Ireland; policy research

Publication date31/12/2008
PublisherOxford University Press
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