Lindsay Anderson and the Legacy of Free Cinema



Izod J & Magee K (2014) Lindsay Anderson and the Legacy of Free Cinema. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 11 (2-3), pp. 351-369.

Accepting that Free Cinema’s legacy has been found on British cinema and television screens in the work of directors other than Lindsay Anderson, this article investigates whether Anderson’s own films and television programmes made after the mid-1970s (including not only those that were released but others that were not completed) reveal a continuing commitment to what he liked to call the Free Cinema ‘tradition’ of film-making. In so doing it draws critical attention to Anderson’s lesser known later works such as The Old Crowd, Is That All There Is?, In Celebration, The Whales of August and Glory! Glory! as well as to unmade projects such as The Grand Babylon Hotel, Dress Gray, Vile Bodies, Empire and If (2). . . .

David Sherwin; David Storey; Free Cinema; Gavin Lambert; John Ford; Lindsay Anderson; lyricism; satire; studios; unmade projects.

Journal of British Cinema and Television: Volume 11, Issue 2-3

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Publication date31/07/2014
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