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The Lordship of the Isles



Oram R (ed.) (2014) The Lordship of the Isles. The Northern World, 68. Leiden: Brill. http://www.brill.com/products/book/lordship-isles

In The Lordship of the Isles, twelve specialists offer new insights on the rise and fall of the MacDonalds of Islay and the greatest Gaelic lordship of later medieval Scotland. Portrayed most often as either the independently-minded last great patrons of Scottish Gaelic culture or as dangerous rivals to the Stewart kings for mastery of Scotland, this collection navigates through such opposed perspectives to re-examine the politics, culture, society and connections of Highland and Hebridean Scotland from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. It delivers a compelling account of a land and people caught literally and figuratively between two worlds, those of the Atlantic and mainland Scotland, and of Gaelic and Anglophone culture.Contributors are David Caldwell, Sonja Cameron, Alastair Campbell, Alison Cathcart, Colin Martin, Tom McNeill, Lachlan Nicolson, Richard Oram, Michael Penman, Alasdair Ross, Geoffrey Stell and Sarah Thomas.

medieval Scotland; Gaelic lordship, culture and society; medieval environment, Scottish historiography; medieval Scottish church; castles; lordly society; material culture; heraldry

EditorProfessor Richard Oram
Title of seriesThe Northern World
Number in series68
Publication date31/07/2014
Publisher URLhttp://www.brill.com/products/book/lordship-isles
Place of publicationLeiden
ISSN of series1569-1462

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Professor Richard Oram

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