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Evaluation of Suboxone Feasibility Study in Ireland



Fitzgerald N (2011) Evaluation of Suboxone Feasibility Study in Ireland. Department of Health and Children (Ireland). Create Consultancy.

The aim of this evaluation was: To review the use of Suboxone in the Irish context. The evaluation was specific to the use of Suboxone for the treatment of opioid dependence. The evaluation did not consider the use of buprenorphine products for pain relief. The specific objectives of the evaluation were: 1) T o evaluate how patients were selected for participation in the Suboxone feasibility study and how they progressed through it. 2) To examine how the prescribing and dispensing of Suboxone for patients operated in the Irish setting. 3) To consider the practical operation of the feasibility study including prescription writing, the operation of the Suboxone database and the role of key agencies. 4) To identify the core elements of the regulatory framework needed for the safe and appropriate use of Suboxone in the Irish setting. Create Consultancy Ltd., an independent agency specializing in substance misuse and health improvement, based in Glasgow, Scotland, tendered for the contract to carry out this evaluation in June 2010 and was successful. The evaluation was carried out between October 2010 and February 2011.

Publication date30/04/2011
PublisherCreate Consultancy
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Professor Niamh Fitzgerald

Professor Niamh Fitzgerald

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