Satellite cell pool expansion is affected by skeletal muscle characteristics



Macaluso F, Brooks N, Niesler CU & Myburgh KH (2013) Satellite cell pool expansion is affected by skeletal muscle characteristics. Muscle and Nerve, 48 (1), pp. 109-116.

INTRODUCTION We investigated changes in satellite cell (SC) pool size after an acute bout of strenuous exercise and evaluated the influence of baseline SC count and fiber type. METHODS Participants completed a downhill running (DHR) intervention (5 × 8 min, 2-min rest; 80% VO2max ; -10% gradient). Muscle biopsies were taken 7 days before VO₂max and 7-9 days after the DHR intervention. Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and creatine kinase activity (CK) were measured on days 1, 2, 7, and 9 post-DHR. SCs were identified by Pax7 and laminin staining. Relative distribution of MHC isoforms was determined by electrophoresis. RESULTS DOMS and CK peaked on day 1 post-DHR (P < 0.01). The SC pool increased (26%) after DHR (P = 0.005). SCs/total myonuclei after recovery correlated with baseline SCs (r = 0.979, P = 0.003) and VO₂max (r = 0.956, P = 0.011), whereas change in SC pool (Pax7(+) cells/total myonuclei: recovery minus baseline) tended to correlate with percent MHC II (r = 0.848; P = 0.06). CONCLUSION Interindividual physiological characteristics affect SC pool expansion after a single bout of DHR and are influenced by VO₂max .

downhill running; fiber typing; Pax7; self-renewal; VO2max

Muscle and Nerve: Volume 48, Issue 1

Publication date31/07/2013
Date accepted by journal06/11/2012

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Dr Naomi Brooks

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