A unified hyper-heuristic framework for solving bin packing problems


Lopez-Camacho E, Terashima-Marin H, Ross P & Ochoa G (2014) A unified hyper-heuristic framework for solving bin packing problems. Expert Systems with Applications, 41 (15), pp. 6876-6889.

One- and two-dimensional packing and cutting problems occur in many commercial contexts, and it is often important to be able to get good-quality solutions quickly. Fairly simple deterministic heuristics are often used for this purpose, but such heuristics typically find excellent solutions for some problems and only mediocre ones for others. Trying several different heuristics on a problem adds to the cost. This paper describes a hyper-heuristic methodology that can generate a fast, deterministic algorithm capable of producing results comparable to that of using the best problem-specific heuristic, and sometimes even better, but without the cost of trying all the heuristics. The generated algorithm handles both one- and two-dimensional problems, including two-dimensional problems that involve irregular concave polygons. The approach is validated using a large set of 1417 such problems, including a new benchmark set of 480 problems that include concave polygons.

Bin packing problems; Evolutionary computation; Hyper-heuristics; Heuristics; Optimization

Expert Systems with Applications: Volume 41, Issue 15

Publication date30/11/2014