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Act and Care: Evaluation of the Revised SPS Suicide Risk Management Strategy



Power KG, Swanson V, Luke R, Jackson C & Biggam FH (2003) Act and Care: Evaluation of the Revised SPS Suicide Risk Management Strategy. Scottish Prison Service. Scottish Prison Service occasional paper, 1. Central Research Unit, Calton House, Edinburgh.

The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) introduced its Prevention of Suicide Strategy (POS) in 1992 in response to concerns about the suicides in prison during the 1980s and recognition of the need to improve the identification and care of vulnerable prisoners. A revised suicide risk management strategy, called Act to Care (ACT), was subsequently introduced in 1998 following research into possible improvements in the care provision approach used, based on the promotion of a more flexible care environment in which vulnerable prisoners are more involved in decisions concerning their care. This research paper seeks to evaluate the ACT strategy in relation to a number of specific areas, including whether: it has resulted in any significant changes in the level and characteristics of those at risk of suicidal behaviour; factors involved in the understanding and improvement of risk assessment; and whether the multidisciplinary approach under the ACT strategy has been successfully implemented.

Title of seriesScottish Prison Service occasional paper
Number in series1
Publication date31/12/2003
PublisherCentral Research Unit, Calton House, Edinburgh

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Professor Vivien Swanson

Professor Vivien Swanson

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