Research Report

Community Childminding


Stephen C & Duncan PA (2014) Community Childminding. Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) Research Findings. Scottish Childminding Association.

Community childminding services offer short-term, part-time placements with a specially selected childminder. The majority of children cared for by community childminders are under three years of age. Families are referred, usually by a health visitor, because of illness, family crisis, isolation, lack of alternative support or children's specific needs. The Scottish Childminding Association (SCMA) has gathered evidence of the positive influence this intervention can have on aspects of young children's development and well-being. However, there has been no detailed investigation of the ways in which community childminders work to achieve these outcomes and the kind of professional development that enhances the service.

FundersScottish Childminding Association
Title of seriesResearch Findings
Publication date31/01/2014
PublisherScottish Childminding Association