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The Internationalisation of Healthcare and Business Aspirations of Medical Professionals

Skountridaki K (2015) The Internationalisation of Healthcare and Business Aspirations of Medical Professionals. Sociology, 49 (3), pp. 471-187.

Interest in international patient travel and trade in healthcare has grown considerably over the past decade. Whilst the field is under-researched, patients' motivation to travel to seek healthcare solutions has attracted significant attention. In contrast, the perspective of the medical doctors (MDs) remains unexplored. This article directs attention to medical professionals as key players in the internationalisation of private healthcare provision. Through the lens of the sociology of the professions, it examines the ongoing initiatives of MDs in Greece to attract patients from abroad. Findings indicate that international patient movement has given an incentive to MDs to exhibit an entrepreneurial approach. Their attitudes portray professionals with business aspirations which go well beyond their role as medics, and stand in contrast to the traditional image of medical professionals. In addition, it fosters competition among professionals at a domestic and international level, threatening the cohesion of the medical community.

internationalisation of healthcare; medical professionals; medical tourism/travel; professional entrepreneurship

Sociology: Volume 49, Issue 3

Author(s)Skountridaki, Kalliopi
Publication date30/06/2015
Publication date online06/2014
Date accepted by journal13/04/2014
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