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Family Law Basics



Sutherland EE (2014) Family Law Basics. 3 ed. LawBasics. Edinburgh, Scotland: W. Green.

Family LawBasics, 3rd Edition provides students ofall disciplines, legal and related, with the ideal introduction to theoperations and workings of family law in Scotland. This excellent pre-examination guideapproaches the subject in a clear and uncomplicated fashion and contains allthe necessary information required to guide the user towards the development ofa basic understanding of the subject. This 3rd edition is fully up to date and includes discussion on the new Children and Young Persons (Scotland) Act and Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act.

Title of seriesLawBasics
Publication date30/11/2014
PublisherW. Green
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Place of publicationEdinburgh, Scotland

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Professor Elaine Sutherland

Professor Elaine Sutherland

Emeritus Professor, Law