Soap springs eternal . . .


Kilborn R (1993) Soap springs eternal . . .. British Journalism Review, 4 (4), pp. 34-38.

First paragraph: Whether one likes it or not, soap opera has become a major cultural phenomenon of the twentieth century. Millions of viewers tune in to their favourite soap on a very regular basis. Television companies rely on them as trusty 'bankers', the type of production which is relatively cheap compared with the series or the one-off play; and advertisers and sponsors love them because soaps can usually deliver a large and loyal following of viewers/consumers. Some soaps - one thinks here especially of programmes such as Coronation Street or The Archers - have virtually become national institutions, to the extent that recordings of them would certainly be included in one of those special capsules intended to provide future generations or interplanetary travellers with examples of culturally significant items of the present age.

British Journalism Review: Volume 4, Issue 4

Publication date31/12/1993