Troubled times for the Magyar media



Kilborn R (1993) Troubled times for the Magyar media. British Journalism Review, 4 (3), pp. 20-23.

First paragraph: In this Post-Communist era no country in Eastern or Central Europe is having an easy time reshaping its media after 40 or more years of Communist repression. The problems encountered are many and various. In the Czech Republic, whilst laws have been passed establishing a Broadcasting Council, there are few signs of any serious follow-through in terms of changes in broadcasting practice. In Poland there has been a protracted debate as to whether a law is needed requiring the broadcast media to reflect 'Christian values'. In Russia the perilous state of the economy has meant that a large number of privatised newspaper concerns have been forced into bankruptcy, whereas in what was East Germany virtually all media activities have been taken over by West German interests in an act of latter-day colonisation.

British Journalism Review: Volume 4, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/1993

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Professor Richard Kilborn

Professor Richard Kilborn

Honorary Professor, Communications, Media and Culture