Daily rhythms in expression of genes of hepatic lipid metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)



Betancor M, McStay E, Minghetti M, Migaud H, Tocher DR & Davie A (2014) Daily rhythms in expression of genes of hepatic lipid metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.). PLoS ONE, 9 (9), Art. No.: e106739.

In mammals, several genes involved in liver lipid and cholesterol homeostasis are rhythmically expressed with expression shown to be regulated by clock genes via Rev-erb 1α. In order to elucidate clock gene regulation of genes involved in lipid metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.), the orphan nuclear receptor Rev-erb 1α was cloned and 24 h expression of clock genes, transcription factors and genes involved in cholesterol and lipid metabolism determined in liver of parr acclimated to a long-day photoperiod, which was previously shown to elicit rhythmic clock gene expression in the brain. Of the 31 genes analysed, significant daily expression was demonstrated in the clock gene Bmal1, transcription factor genes Srebp1, Lxr, Pparα and Pparγ, and several lipid metabolism genes Hmgcr, Ipi, ApoCII and El. The possible regulatory mechanisms and pathways, and the functional significance of these patterns of expression were discussed. Importantly and in contrast to mammals, Per1, Per2, Fas, Srebp2, Cyp71α and Rev-erb 1α did not display significant daily rhythmicity in salmon. The present study is the first report characterising 24 h profiles of gene expression in liver of Atlantic salmon. However, more importantly, the predominant role of lipids in the nutrition and metabolism of fish, and of feed efficiency in determining farming economics, means that daily rhythmicity in the regulation of lipid metabolism will be an area of considerable interest for future research in commercially important species.

PLoS ONE: Volume 9, Issue 9

Publication date03/09/2014
Date accepted by journal08/08/2014
PublisherPublic Library of Science

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Dr Monica Betancor

Dr Monica Betancor

Associate Professor, Institute of Aquaculture

Professor Herve Migaud

Professor Herve Migaud

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