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Research Report

The long-term economic and ecologic impact of larger sustainable aquaculture

Lane A, Hough C & Bostock J (2014) The long-term economic and ecologic impact of larger sustainable aquaculture. Kelmelytė (Editor) & V (Editor) European Parliament. European Parliament.

The EU recognises aquaculture as an important contributor to the EU food basket and this study provides insights into the economic and ecological implications of increased EU aquaculture. Current production, classified by technology and by sector, is transposed into forecasts up to 2030 that identify the main future technologies, trends and sectoral challenges. An ecological impact assessment matrix is used to compare production systems. Feed requirements are presented, with observations on how these might impact EU fisheries. Public support and policy considerations are discussed.

aquaculture; Europe, EU, fish farming, development, economics, ecological impact,

Report commissioned by the Directorate-General for Internal Policies, Policy Department B: Structural and Cohesion Policies - Fisheries. Catalogue Number QA-05-14-003-EN-N.

Author(s)Lane, Alistair; Hough, Courtney; Bostock, John
Publication date31/10/2014
Publication date online11/2014
PublisherEuropean Parliament
Publisher URL…14)529084_EN.pdf
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