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Organizational choice and organizational change

Burnes B (1997) Organizational choice and organizational change. Management Decision, 35 (10), pp. 753-759.

Follows on from and develops the arguments presented in an earlier Management Decision article ‐ "No such thing as ... a ‘one best way' to manage organizational change" (Burnes, 1996a). Begins by examining Burnes' (1996b) Choice Management ‐ Change Management model which, in particular, draws attention to the influence on the choices an organization makes of the context in which it operates. Then moves on to discuss Miles and Snow′s (1978) classification of organizations into four strategic types. From this, argues that the choices an organization makes, regarding what to change and how to change it, will be significantly influenced by its strategic type. Concludes by maintaining that, on the one hand, organizations can create a virtuous circle whereby they can influence or control the circumstances in which they operate through the changes they make and how they make them. However, on the other hand, organizations can find themselves in a vicious spiral of decline and stagnation through an inability to control their own destiny and inconsistent and unsuccessful approaches to change.

Classification; Control; Organization types; Organizations; Strategy

Management Decision: Volume 35, Issue 10

Author(s)Burnes, Bernard
Publication date31/12/1997
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