The role of the school nurse in child protection



Hackett A (2013) The role of the school nurse in child protection. Community Practitioner, 86 (12), pp. 26-29.

School nurses are the only health professionals with a remit specifically to address the health needs of school-aged children and young people in the UK. However, evidence within one Scottish city suggests that the health needs of vulnerable school-aged children are not always identified or met by the school nurse. Using a qualitative approach, a purposive sample of six school nurses was selected to explore their perceptions of their role in child protection and to identify training needs. Data collection comprised semi-structured interviews and the data were analysed thematically. The school nurses in this study perceived that there was confusion and lack of clarity in relation to their role and involvement in child protection. Report writing, child trafficking, and legal issues were identified as training needs.

child protection; continuing professional education; school nurse; school-aged children; training needs

Community Practitioner: Volume 86, Issue 12

Publication date31/12/2013
PublisherCommunity Practitioner
Publisher URL…0000012/art00009

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Mrs Alison Hackett

Mrs Alison Hackett

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