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Cinema as Therapy: Grief and Transformational Film


Izod J & Dovalis J (2015) Cinema as Therapy: Grief and Transformational Film. Hove, UK and New York City2015: Routledge.

Loss is an inescapable reality of life, and individuals need to develop a capacity to grieve in order to mature and live life to the full. Yet most western movie audiences live in cultures that do not value this necessary process and filmgoers finding themselves deeply moved by a particular film are often left wondering why. In Cinema as Therapy, John Izod and Joanna Dovalis set out to fill a gap in work on the conjunction of grief, therapy and cinema.

grief; Jung; cinema; therapy; psychoanalysis; Freud; Winnicott

Publication date31/01/2015
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Place of publicationHove, UK and New York City2015